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Reducing Fleet Costs – Three Essential Tips for Fleet Managers

Reducing Fleet Costs – Three Essential Tips for Fleet Managers
15th September 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin

Suggestions and tips for reducing fleet costs in your business

Reducing Fleet Costs – The Secrets

The cost of driving has been on the increase recently. Fuel price rises have caused most drivers to reconsider their driving styles and many fleet managers are considering ever more innovative ways of reducing fleet costs, from finding newer, more efficient routes to instructing drivers to reduce their motorway speeds. To help you in your mission of reducing fleet costs we’ve put together a list of some of the ways of doing so that you may not yet have considered. These could save you thousands of pounds a year on your fleet running costs so it’s well worth reading on and taking a note of them!


Drive More Efficient Routes

Before your employees set out in the car make sure they consider exactly what they’re going out to do. If they’re heading to a far away town could they do more than one thing when they’re there? Could they have two meetings on the same day instead of making two long round trips? Could they meet multiple clients along a route instead of just visiting one? Both of these are excellent ways of reducing fleet costs. If possible, consider your employees’ schedules a week or a month at a time and re-order meetings and appointments to ensure they are covering as few miles as practically possible. This is also a boon to the environment and your workers’ sanity and efficiency, since they will spend far fewer of their working hours sat in long traffic jams being unproductive!


Understand how your cars are Driven

There are a multitude of fleet vehicle tracking solutions available which can give you access to rich information about where your cars are driven and what routes driver take. RunYourFleet offers a vehicle tracking service which reports both where your fleet vehicles are and how efficiently they’re being driven, including MPG reports and information about CO2 emissions. With this information you can work towards reducing fleet costs by having discussions with your drivers about the routes they take and the way they drive, which could reduce your fuel costs by over 10%.


Train Your Drivers to be More Efficient

As is often the case in business the key to reducing fleet costs is changing human behaviour. Most of us don’t regularly think about the way we drive. We certainly don’t plan gear changes to be as efficient as possible or ensure that our motorway speed provides maximum efficiency for the car we’re driving. Training your drivers to be more efficient doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply reminding them to drive in as high a gear as possible and to reduce their motorway speeds when they’re not in a hurry will have a marked and sudden impact on your vehicle fuel consumption which will translate into a significant reduction in your fleet running costs.



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