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Christmas gifts for car lovers

Christmas gifts for car lovers
20th November 2014 Run Your Fleet Blog

Santa is loading his sleigh, the reindeer are preparing for their annual day of work and car lovers everywhere are wondering what Christmas gifts they’ll find under the tree early on 25 December. They’re not always the easiest people to buy for. That’s exactly why we’ve put together our annual selection of Christmas gifts for car lovers. If you had a look at our top car gadgets a few weeks ago you’ll know what way our mind is going here but, just to make your life even easier, here is out full selection of Christmas gifts for car lovers.



USB charging port


USB car christmas gifts for car lovers

We covered CarPlay and other fancy systems for controlling your phone in your car in our recent blog post on car gadgets. Sometimes, however you just want a simple device to charge your phone, MP3 player, digital camera or whatever other portable gadget you find is in need of extra power when you’re out and about. The easiest way to ensure that power is always available is to invest in a USB converter for your car. Not the most exciting gift but you’ll be thanked for it in the months and years to come.


Wireless key finder

Key finder Christmas gift for car lover

Now here’s something that everybody, car lover or not, has wished that they had at one time or another. We’ve all had mornings spent scrambling around the house wondering what on earth we’ve done with the car keys (we average about two such incidents a week). This handy gadget will rapidly make those incidents a thing of the past (so long as you don’t lose the base station!). Simply attach the wireless receiver to your keys and press the button whenever you find yourself scampering around the house 10 minutes after you should’ve been in the car.


In-car coolbox

This is one for the road warrior in your life. If you spend enough time in your car to need a cool drink and sandwich at all times then an in car coolbox could be just what you’re looking for. Modern cars like the Ford Mondeo having a range of up to 400 miles gadgets like this are becoming a necessity. There are dozens of models available from as little as around £20 so it need not be an expensive gift. Make sure you get an occasional ride in the car from the lucky recipient so you can enjoy it too!

That’s it from our Christmas gift roundup for tomorrow but we’ll be back before Santa arrives with a few final suggestions. Let us know of your top tips in the comments or get in touch with us on Twitter with your tips.


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