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Fleet Management – How do Fleet Managers cut the cost of their company car fleets?

Fleet Management – How do Fleet Managers cut the cost of their company car fleets?
13th January 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Rising Costs Hit Businesses Running Company Cars


We have been talking on twitter and Facebook about the cost of motoring , a growing concern for Fleet Managers operating company cars;  the increases we’ve seen quoted are three times the rate of inflation.

Motorists are paying an average of £1556 per year more to own and run a car than they paid in 2007.  This is a big hit for individuals to take; however when that is transferred to companies running their company cars it becomes a figure that makes Fleet Managers and Finance Managers alike go white!

Most of these increases are in fuel and insurance; Fleet Managers are shopping around to find the best insurance prices but the costs are rising. Insurers are raising their costs to cover frauds terms and uninsured drivers.

How do companies cover the ever-rising costs of fuel? More fuel-efficient cars are helping but that requires investment.  Fleet Management software could be the answer here – making sure that your company car drivers are making their journeys in the most fuel-efficient way possible.

Companies don’t have access to a fabled Big Box o’ Money; if costs are increasing in running their fleet to the extent quoted then cuts need to be made somewhere.  Fleet Managers can drive down prices through negotiation; however this option isn’t always possible for companies running smaller company car fleets unless they band together with other companies to make savings.


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