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SME Fleets – In the Driver's Seat: Run Your Fleet welcomes Rob

SME Fleets – In the Driver's Seat: Run Your Fleet welcomes Rob
5th February 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin

Helping SME Fleets

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We’re delighted to welcome Rob Corbett and Johnathan Mathers to our team here at Run Your Fleet. Rob is joining us as Operations Manager, and we are looking forward to him implementing his great ideas and new services to help SME Fleets – and everyone looking to save money on running company cars and vans.

We’re really nosy about first cars and ideal cars, and Rob agreed to answer a few of our questions so we could all get to know each other a bit better!

Rob – our new man helping SME Fleets

What’s your potted history? How did you get into the auto industry & why?

It’s a family thing. Dad owned a garage so I grew up with cars in my blood. Then someone in a local franchised dealers discovered me and thought that I had more potential, they gave me a job running the maintenance department within a small family owned leasing company back in the 80’s. I should have said no and found myself a millionairess but dare I say it, it’s been good to me and I’m still doing similar things!

Tell us all about your first car.

Helping SME Fleets


Now, how many people would remember the Vauxhall Viva 1200 HB in pine green…yuk! It was a wreck and took me months to get on the road, but it did only cost £20 to buy back in 1982. I saved every penny and bought an Escort MK1 RS Mexico which I wish I still had.

What are you driving just now?

Aside from my company car I drive a Vivaro crew cab, all liveried up with Moto GP,Monster Energy, Valentino Rossi and Carl Crutchlow graphics. Big Moto GP fan! It’s a lifestyle vehicle for my bikes & dog, also, it carries up to six people.

Dream car time – what would you drive?

Helping SME Fleets dream car

A question I always ask myself – I would have to have several. A Porsche 911 fun car, a Range Rover Sport for every day, an E-Class Estate family car and several motorbikes for selfish getaways.. Although Jo has a full Bike licence and would always be out playing on them!

Car chase time – what’s your favourite car chase scene?

– there can be only one and it’s the original Italian Job. Best all time chase and the film also…

Pick your favourite car

Thanks to Rob for such great answers! We’ve asked Johnathan the same questions and we’ll be learning more about him next week but after that – it’s over to you! If you’d like to be “In The Drivers Seat” then leave us a message in the comments or contact us on Twitter (@RunYourFleet) and we’ll ask you the same questions as we asked Rob. We’d love you to join in!



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