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New name for Run Your Fleet – same #Amazeballs deals on company Fleet Management!

New name for Run Your Fleet – same #Amazeballs deals on company Fleet Management!
1st December 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Fleet Management – Same Great Savings On Your Company Cars!

There were big changes in our company on the morning of December 1st 2011.

As you will have seen on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube our name has changed from RunYourCars to RunYourFleet. So, why the change?

In a word – you!

Our customers are loving our offering but when we asked it seems you thought that the name wasn’t representative of the service we offer to Fleet Managers. As always, when our customers talk, we listen,  and we changed our name to reflect our ongoing growth in the Fleet Services space – growth that we have achieved thanks to our customers loving our products and service – not forgetting the amazing cost savings they make on their Fleet budgets.

We are not only here to help you Fleet Managers to run your company cars – we also want to save you money on how you run your vans, light vehicles and minibuses. We’ll continue to offer our group buying power and online fleet management tools to our customers so that they save money and time with our systems and discounts offering better management of company vehicles and their drivers.

Thanks for all your support, business and interest in 2011 and here’s to the next big year for all of our customers – RunYourFleet looks forward to working with you!


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