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Fleet Managers – Rising Insurance Costs. The Great Whiplash Backlash…

Fleet Managers – Rising Insurance Costs. The Great Whiplash Backlash…
8th February 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Car Insurance Claims


A recent article in the Daily Mail has highlighted what the paper is calling “The Great Whiplash Backlash

When Lee Robinson reversed into a stationary taxi at traffic lights, it appeared to be no more than a minor impact on the cab’s bumper. But seven months later, he was shocked to receive a claim for repairs worth £800, and a personal injury claim for whiplash for £2,000. His insurance company advised him to settle the claim and pay the damages. Mr Robinson, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, was a physiotherapist by profession, and one of his jobs was to assess whiplash cases on behalf of insurance companies. He said: ‘I knew that the impact could have been 5mph at most, and that can’t give you the severe whiplash he was claiming.’ This month he won what he believes is a landmark case that will lead to more whiplash claims being challenged in the courts. Mr Robinson’s experience comes amid mounting concern at the scams and rip-offs forcing up car insurance premiums.

The article goes on to say that bogus whiplash and injury claims may have led to car insurance premiums increasing by a massive 40% in a year.

With Fleet Managers trying to cut costs to meet other rising prices in fuel etc, how long can these increases be acceptable. Should car insurance companies be challenging these claims more often to make it clear that they are unacceptable?


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