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Fleet Managers: Would you use the new Kwik-Fit TPMS service?

Fleet Managers: Would you use the new Kwik-Fit TPMS service?
22nd June 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

New gadget for Fleet Managers – TPMS


RunYourFleet Fleet Managers

Kwik-Fit come up with new TPMS service for Fleet Managers!


How can we save money on our company fleet? A question ringing through fleet managers minds at all times and something we constantly think about at RunYourFleet. Kwik-fit have come up with another solution to this question with their new TPMS service. A service that will ensure your vehicles tyre pressures are working at maximum efficiency at all times. The new technology will will have an in-car dashboard warning to tell drivers when a loss of pressure occurs in any tyre.

So how is this helping? This can help prevent tyre wear and help fuel economy. However the service is not available yet and is to be piloted at 50 Kwit-Fit centres across the UK. The service will then hopefully be let lose nationwide later this year to the retail sector and fleet drivers.

But it’s not just the financial aspect that is a concern, TPMS is actually a lot more dangerous than most drivers think –

“The European Union estimates that 9% of all road crashes involving fatalities are attributable to tyre under inflation and an estimated 41% of accidents with physical injuries are linked to tyre problems.

It is also calculated that average under inflation of 3-9 psi produces an increase in fuel consumption of up to 10% and a decrease in tyre life of 25%. Additionally, incorrect tyre pressures increase vehicle carbon dioxide emissions.

It is estimated that there are in the region of two million vehicles in the UK fitted with a form of TPMS. Typically cars fitted with run-flat tyres and prestige cars are equipped with the technology, although the Renault Laguna was the first high volume upper medium sector model to have TPMS as standard.” – Automotive Digest 


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