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Buying or leasing company cars? The best and worst value new cars…

Buying or leasing company cars? The best and worst value new cars…
3rd September 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog
  • The best value new cars?

    Mike Rutherford of the Daily Telegraph picked out his best and worst value new cars this week – highlighted by the chaps over at Headline Auto.

    Top of his list and his number 1 –  the Skoda Citigo. “Will cost you less to buy, own and run than any other car bought new. Group 1 insurance, great dealers, strong predicted resale values.”

    At number two, he lists the Dacia Duster. “Has an insanely low (£8,995) showroom price for a chunky 4X2. But only when sold with a modest, ‘preacher’ specification. Looks and feels surprisingly fine, though.”

    His top 10 list  also included the VW Polo, Kia Rio, Mazda MX-5, Porsche Boxster, and, surprisingly given his usual criticism of all things electric, the Renault Fluence – “Almost £10,000 cheaper than the Nissan Leaf and, in several departments, a superior product. Yours for £17,495. Renault’s best value car since the original 5.”

    So much for the top value cars – what did he list as the worst on his value for money list?

    That dubious acolade went to Daimler’s Maybach. “I slated the company, its arrogance, its cars and its obscenely high prices from day one. Now it’s is throwing in the towel due to – surprise, surprise – a failure to attract enough customers.”

    Also langushing at the bottom were the Lexus 600h L, and Cadillac and “all 100 per cent -electric cars with a real world range of less than 100 miles and list prices of £30,000-plus (before 5k Government grants).”

    What’s your experience of best value and worst value company cars in the current market?


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