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What do you know about your tyres? New tyre labelling system is launched!

What do you know about your tyres? New tyre labelling system is launched!
19th November 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

New tyre labelling system


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How much do you know about the new tyre labelling system? a large tyre retailer investigated what us Brits know about our tyres and it turns out most of us don’t know a lot. Their studies show that 58% admitted to not knowing what brand their tyres are, leading to concerns that this means they could be overcharged or ripped off when making future tyre purchases.

Tyre Pressure & Tyre Maintenance

However the worst culprits for tyre knowledge are women. Although we like to joke about the common phrase “women drivers”, on average only 12% know what profile their tyres are and only 45% know what pressure they’re tyres should be. They are also much less likely to be responsible for their tyre maintenance with only a quarter of women doing it themselves and almost half relying on their partners to check their tyre pressures.

Tyres on wet ground

However, last week was the launch of the new tyre labelling system which will be introduced Europe-wide. It now means to make things clearer tyres will be labelled in a similar way to consumer labelling found on household appliances such as washing machines and fridges. It will list and rank things like noise levels, fuel efficiency and how good the tyre is at stopping on wet ground. The aim of this is to increase drivers safety and make driving more cost effective.

The CEO of, Michael Welch has said  “With new European wide legislations coming into play, UK drivers will be able to get a ‘grip’ on independently selecting the best tyres to suit their car. With the results of the survey showing a clear lack of understanding when it comes to tyre safety, our aim is to make it easy for motorists, with the helping hand of the new system, and ensure that they aren’t being ripped off and more importantly, that their vehicle and tyres are safe on the roads,”

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