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Drivers : £8.3 million to tackle congestion in Birmingham

Drivers : £8.3 million to tackle congestion in Birmingham
27th October 2013 Run Your Fleet Admin

Birmingham Congestion Scheme



Tackling Traffic Congestion


Work can now start on vital improvements to the road layout of the A452 Chester Road in Birmingham after receiving final approval from Transport Minister Baroness Kramer.

Work is needed to tackle congestion on this regionally strategic route; improve traffic flow and improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.

Improving driving times

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer said,

“This road carries heavy traffic creating poor access, environmental problems and a lack of reliable journey times for public transport, freight operations and private cars.

These improvements will improve the network for road users; improve bus journey times and improve pedestrian and cyclist safety.

As well as relieving congestion the scheme will also help the city retain existing businesses and encouraging future investment and regeneration in the area.

The £8.3 million we are putting into this scheme shows that the coalition government is serious about investing in the infrastructure the country needs to drive economic growth.”

Road improvements

The scheme comprises:

  • improvements to M6 Junction 5 roundabout – traffic signals and carriageway widening
  • provision of a new signalised junction at Chester Road and Berrandale Road
  • improvements to Chester Road and Fort Parkway roundabout – traffic signals and carriageway widening
  • widening of existing dual carriageway to 3 lanes between Chester Road / Fort Parkway and Chester Road / Kingsbury Road roundabouts
  • improvements to Chester Road and Kingsbury Road and to Chester Road and Tyburn Road roundabouts

The scheme was one of those given funding approval in late 2011 as part of the Spending Review process. Work can now start on the construction with the project scheduled to complete in spring 2015.

Improving roads

Improving traffic blackspots and keeping the traffic flowing is great news. As a Fleet Manager, when it comes to running your fleet,  what other local road schemes would you like to see implemented?



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