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New Systems Implementation Press Release | Multifleet
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New Systems Implementation Press Release

New Systems Implementation Press Release
4th May 2016 Run Your Fleet Blog


Following considerable investment, and completed in record breaking time, Run Your Fleet is pleased to announce the successful implementation of Fleetware – its new leasing, fleet management and contract hire software solution.

Over a period of only three months, by working very closely with the team from KeeResources, the implementation of this advanced system represents significant investment and is a key stage in Run Your Fleet’s development.

“The implementation of our new system delivers a series of benefits to our customers, some of which are immediately apparent; improved reporting of transaction and maintenance history, visibility of vehicle technical data, and some “under the bonnet” improvements which result in vastly improved security and performance,” said Craig Pullen, Head of Operations, Run Your Fleet.

The new system underpins Run Your Fleet’s plans to deliver further improvements to its leading, great value fleet management service.

“This is an important time for us as we work to add new services to our fleet management solution. Futureproofing the company with a scalable and robust new back office system was imperative. We have achieved this with the considerable and expert knowledge of KeeResources. The support we received was outstanding – meaning we were able to migrate 20,000 vehicles and operate business as usual in a very short time frame.

“Not only does the implementation of Fleetware provide a very robust platform for our existing fleet management base, it provided the very best foundations for us to build new products and services. Contract hire will be one of the first of these, and Fleetware is a proven system with some of the biggest and most successful players in the market.” said Steve Whitmarsh, Managing Director, Run Your Fleet.

“When we began our discussions with Run Your Fleet we were, as we always are, very confident of our ability to provide the company with the solution it needed to continue growing its industry leading approach to fleet management,” said Denis Keenan, Managing Director, KeeResources.

“What was genuinely remarkable was the level of enthusiasm and diligent, professional team work that began immediately, resulting in the shortest implementation we have ever achieved, and a wholly successful deployment, despite a significant degree of customisation to reflect Run Your Fleet’s industry-leading requirements for client-facing operations.”

Run Your Fleet now has over 1000 business customers and manages a combined fleet of over 20,000 car and light commercial vehicles. Continuing this rate of growth as anticipated year on year required a back office system that had an infinite capacity to grow, and with the ability to seamlessly integrate the new services the company plans to introduce over the next 12 months.

“The understanding and co-operation of our customers during the one weekend of system downtime was also an important factor in the successful transition from the old system to the new. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their understanding and support throughout the process.” said Steve Whitmarsh.

For further information on Run Your Fleet and the fleet management solutions they provide visit or call 0344 573 3111.

For further information on KeeResources and their automotive software solutions visit .


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