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Fleet Management – The worst driving habits and what to do about them.

Fleet Management – The worst driving habits and what to do about them.
14th October 2013 Run Your Fleet Admin

Fleet Manager driving advice

Worst driving habits


The more years that we have driven for, the more bad habits that we pick up – so what are the worst driving habits and what can you do about them?  As a fleet manager, are any of these a problem among your fleet drivers?

Steering wheel grip

It looks like the standard “ten to two” grip is now out of favour and has been replaced by the “quarter to three grip”. This is for safety reasons, as it is now thought that the quarter to three grip protects limbs from being hurt by the airbag in the case of airbags being deployed. Of course, the ten to two grip is safer than the one-handed grip!

Maintaining a safe gap in traffic

The Highways Agency has videos on their website giving advice to drivers if being tailgated or harassed in their lane. Do your Fleet drivers apply the benefits of their training when it comes to dealing with tailgaters;  and is the 2 second rule always applied?

Emailing and texting while driving

10% of Londoners are said to text, use social media or email when driving.  This issue is dealt with in a company fleet manager’s risk assessment and risk management procedures. There are also apps available that aim to cut down on unsafe mobile phone use while driving, and the introduction of the Ford SYNC software;

“Ford SYNC can even read aloud text messages sent to your mobile, while you’re driving. You can then call the sender back immediately, using simple voice commands.”

Safety when driving

Fleet drivers who undergo regular safety training are probably more aware of the dangers of speeding and the benefits of safe driving than most. Regular updates of risk management and the use of fleet telematics can pick up on instances of bad driving in your fleet and more training can be given before they do indeed become bad habits.

Now just to re-learn that steering wheel grip of a quarter to three!



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