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The advantages of using a Fleet Management Service.

The advantages of using a Fleet Management Service.
28th November 2013 Run Your Fleet Admin

Using a fleet management service

Using a fleet management service


No matter how many vehicles your company uses, keeping track of them all is essential, but it can also be extremely time consuming, and expensive. Using a fleet management service can help to cut down the amount of time you spend keeping tabs on your company vehicles and allows you to focus on what really matters: business.

In House Fleet Managers

Look at the facts, the Alphabet Fleet Management Report 2012 revealed that the number of companies using in-house fleet managers in 2011 was 66%, one year later that figure had fallen sharply to 37%. Why? Many companies claimed cost-cutting. And why not? 2012 was certainly not the strongest year for businesses and the company car tax certainly hasn’t helped anything. But don’t despair, while the past few years may not have been so positive for in-house fleet managers, this decline has allowed dedicated online fleet management companies to step in and help all kinds of businesses with their fleet management solutions.

How can online fleet management help?

By now, unless you use it, you may be wondering how exactly it is that a fleet management service can help your vehicle needs. Like most companies, you want to ensure you receive the best possible service at the best possible price. Enter, which allows you to keep a record of your fleet, no matter what the size, in an incredibly simple yet comprehensive and easy to manage cloud based hub.

So what are the advantages of online fleet management?

Amongst other services, Run Your Fleet offers you a time and money saving service to help you keep track of any and all vehicles you run within your business. For only £5 (+VAT) a month, per vehicle, you will receive RAC Breakdown cover as standard, including roadside assistance, home cover and full national recovery. This small amount also gives you access to the most important and ultimately worthwhile service: runyourfleet’s cloud based fleet management system, which allows you to see all the details about your vehicles. Through the online dashboard you can see all the vehicles you own and run, the drivers assigned to these cars and the breakdown cover you currently have.

Through the online service you can also, and incredibly easily, book your cars in for regular servicing through’s vast network of repair companies. You can also book rental cars from more than 350 companies, all at the click of a button; it couldn’t be simpler!

Peace of mind for fleet managers

As with any company using vehicles for business, there will always be an inherent worry about certain aspects of your vehicles; accidents, faulty tyres and broken windscreens are just some of them. Fear not, has you covered there with its many partnerships to solve your tyre needs, accidents, cracks on your windscreen and other problems you may encounter with their many exclusive services. Of course, don’t forget to insure your vehicles; whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise you need to ensure your vehicles are insured at all time.

With, all your employees who have access to a company car can access the hub and use the online service to update and keep track of their usage on variables like fuel expenditure and journey logs, ensuring everything runs smoothly and no-one needs to sort through endless files and waste time chasing people up for information. You can even run reports through the service allowing you to track the usage of your vehicles, download driver records and ensure that you are getting the most out of your fleet.

Why would you not?

For all fleet managers, it is certainly a good time to save money. With its broad range of comprehensive services, is the perfect companion to your fleet and your company vehicles. Give yourself the freedom to track your vehicles, stay up-to-date on servicing, book rental cars and make use of the many essential services that provides and start watching your costs go down and your productivity go up.

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