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Risk management – The issues for Fleet Managers

Risk management – The issues for Fleet Managers
2nd April 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin

Risk Management



Risk management and driving for work

The HSE makes no distinction between a company’s duty of care towards an employee using tools and an employee driving a company vehicle. Fleet Managers must, by law, have a risk management process in place for all company vehicle drivers. How can Fleet Managers ensure that these obligations are met?

What should be included in fleet risk management?

Before the risk can be managed, a full risk assessment has to be carried out. According to the HSE website, the first steps in risk assessment are:

  • identifying what can harm people in your workplace;

  • identifying who might be harmed and how;

  • evaluating the risks and deciding on the appropriate controls, taking into account the controls you already have in place;

  • recording your risk assessment;

  • reviewing and updating your assessment.

Risk management for company vehicle drivers

A priority for fleet managers is driver risk management and driver training. If all involved understand and monitor the risks then both company and personal obligations can be met. Implementing a risk management process for all employees driving vehicles for work will meet the company’s duty of care.

It’s a duty of care for the business to inform drivers on the issues and risks involved in driving while on business. Drivers also should be educated of road dangers they may encounter, and also how to check that the vehicle they have is safe to drive.

Cloud based fleet management

More companies are looking to outsource fleet management and also their risk management duty of care.  This can help companies make sure that they keep on top of any changes in legislation.

Here at Run Your Fleet the on-line risk management system ensures that companies meet their risk management obligations quickly and easily. Solutions offered include

  • Driver Risk Assessment
  • DVLA Licence Check
  • Online Driver Training
  • Full Reporting Facility
  • Annual Refresher Course for drivers
  • Driving at work policy template

How does your company deal with risk management for your company vehicle drivers?



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