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Company Cars : Diesel vs Electric – How do they compare when it comes to the company fleet?

Company Cars : Diesel vs Electric – How do they compare when it comes to the company fleet?
11th July 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Company cars diesel or electric?


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Electric cars vs Diesel - Do they make good company cars? Courtesy of

How do diesel and electric cars compare when it comes to company cars? As fleet managers you are always looking for ways to make your company fleet more financially efficient. So one option we’ve thought about is using the new environmentally friendly electric car. Not having the regular wallet stinger of topping up on diesel or petrol is sure to save you money right? But according to new research diesel prices need to go up from their current £7 a gallon (approx) to £32 a gallon to make electric cars a price worthy comparison.  Are we likely to see such a huge incline in diesel prices? Not any time soon! So something has got to give if the world of electric cars is to survive.

Diesel cars & Electric cars comparison

It’s not just the cost issues we’ve been looking at. If you’re a fleet driver and have a lot of long journeys to do then an EV is not for you. The average range for an EV is 100 miles on one charge, but this is weather dependent as extra cold or warm weather can reduce this and so can the way you drive. So slightly more complications to think about than just topping up at the nearest petrol station! However if your typical daily journey is a lot less, and you have a regular driving schedule such as a commuter then the EV could be for you.

Here at RunYourFleet we love the EV, we even told you how much we love it on the BBC! But we also understand the importance or convenience and cost, so all we can say is we hope there is a big enough break through to save the electric car before it’s too late!


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