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Telematics for your Fleet : Benefits of Fleet Telematics for Company Vehicles

Telematics for your Fleet : Benefits of Fleet Telematics for Company Vehicles
12th July 2013 Run Your Fleet Blog

Fleet Tracking and Telematics


Telematics for your fleet


Telematics and tracking offers many benefits for a company vehicle fleet, not least the option of keeping a fleet secure. Keeping your cars and drivers safer can be achieved with the use of a good telematics and tracking system. It not only offers the standard range of benefits, it can also be used for Fleet Security.

Real Time GPS Tracking

GPS is a great benefit for those looking to reduce the loss of vehicles through crime. With 24 hour access to the GPS system through the cloud you will be able to see where your company car or van is if it is stolen.

Journey History Reporting

When unloading a vehicle, does the manifest match the contents of the vehicle or has something been taken from the vehicle  en route? ? With detailed logs of where the vehicle has been, you will be able to give firm time-and-date information to the police to help with investigations.

Fleet Vehicle Crime Prevention

With prominent placement of “This vehicle is tracked” signs, you may put-off any would-be thieves. Alternatively if you do not wish to advertise that your company vehicles in your fleet are tracked, if they are stolen you will be able to alert the police to its position.

Out of hours / Unauthorised use logging

If your vehicles should only be used in set times and set hours, this useful feature will be able to identify straight away if the vehicle has been taken or used unexpectedly, giving you a chance to investigate and alert the police if necessary

Fleet Security with telematicsehicles

Technology now offers Fleet Managers many new ways to protect their fleet and drivers. Have you signed up to use telematics in your fleet? If not, can you see the benefits it could bring to yourcompany vehicle fleet?


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