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What makes a Formula One Champion?

What makes a Formula One Champion?
12th October 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Formula One Champions –

A Different Class?


What makes a champion?  Is it practice, or mindset, or will and determination? We love this infographic that Carbuzz put together on what makes up a Formula One World Champion.

So if you are British, in your mid-20s, with a rich dad who also raced and you first started racing in F3 when you were 14, you are pretty much a lock.

Except that doesn’t take into consideration the skill and flair needed, or the quickness of wit to go for a gap or a corner at speeds that would have ordinary drivers screaming and digging their fingers so far into the steering wheel that it becomes permanently attached to them.

There’s something about a Formula One driver. Something that makes people who wouldn’t class themselves as aficionados remember exactly where they were and how they felt when they heard the terrible news about  Ayrton Senna. That makes people who weren’t even alive when Stirling Moss was driving talk about him.  That means there’s an instant recognition of the roll call of greats, and arguments about the greatest of them all.  That means that when Brits hear Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain on a Sunday then they know, even if they are not followers of the sport, that soon they will see some driving.

There’s just something about a Formula One Champion.






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