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Running Your Company Car Fleets : Are you putting all your eggs in one basket?

Running Your Company Car Fleets : Are you putting all your eggs in one basket?
21st November 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Wise fleet managers

… do put all their eggs in one basket!

Where financial matters are concerned, the old adage goes that you should never put all your eggs in one basket.

The trouble with this is that it isn’t always right. It’s certainly not the best advice for fleet vehicle managers and fleet operators.

In this instance, the saying “many hands make light work” may be more appropriate – namely, our hands. That’s because the service we provide does yield quite genuine cost savings for fleet vehicle managers. It’s all down to scale.

Putting all your vehicle needs in one place simply saves a bomb – and a lot of management time and general hassle. Because a company like Run Your Cars is able to bulk buy products and services for many thousands of vehicles, the discounts it is able to negotiate can be easily passed on to you; the owners of multiple company vehicles. The services provided include RAC Breakdown cover, accident management, on-line fleet management systems and we offer incredible savings on tyres.

This is what we do all the time – so you can get on with your business without the vehicular headaches you don’t need.

Big Savings on Fleet Vehicle services

We are also able to negotiate big savings on hire cars and huge discounts on servicing at over 6,000 main dealer and independent garages for everything from transit vans to hybrids.

In fact, Run Your Cars customers save an amazing £300 per vehicle per year, compared to buying the services separately.

Run Your Cars can also help you stay compliant with driving regulations and give you advice on securing environmentally-friendly low emission cars and other specialist vehicles suited to your business needs.

So, yes, do put all your vehicle eggs in one basket – as long as it’s a nice, safe Run Your Cars basket!


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