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Cannabis Cars of the future – Would you drive a coffee-powered cannabis company car?

Cannabis Cars of the future – Would you drive a coffee-powered cannabis company car?
6th June 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Coffee-Powered Cannabis Cars – Company Car of the Future?


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Coffee-Powered Cannabis Company Cars? Courtesy of


With resources running low scientists and experts are under pressure to find new ways to power our automotive demands. Coffee-powered cannabis cars are their latest idea. It sounds crazy so who knows, it may just work? As company car drivers the thought of running out of a way to fuel our cars for good is scary thought, so we’d be willing to give it a go!

So how would it work?

“Zayed Al-Hamamre and colleagues at the University of Jordan think that spent coffee grounds – which typically contain about 10% oil – could be a novel source of biodiesel. They’re working on the best way to extract and process the oils in spent coffee grounds, and their latest results were published in a recent issue of the journal Fuel.

Under optimal conditions, Al-Hamamre argues, we could get around 1,000 tonnes of biodiesel from coffee grounds each year – without using up more precious arable land.

Those coffee-powered cars might once day be constructed fromCannabis sativa, also known as hemp. James Meredith and his colleagues at Warwick University believe hemp fibre could replace carbon fibre in automobile bodywork.” – The Guardian

One Canadian company like the idea so much they have already made a prototype called Kestrel. However they’re still looking for manufacturers to get the vehicle into production!

To see the full article visit the Guardian.



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