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Saving Fuel – how can company fleet drivers reduce their fuel bill?

Saving Fuel – how can company fleet drivers reduce their fuel bill?
12th September 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Saving Fuel in a company fleet


Sitting in traffic can really use up the fuel, so here are our tips to save as much as possible:


  • Keep your vehicle moving for as long as possible, even if this means crawling along in traffic queues. It’s more fuel efficient and also more interesting we think than stopping and starting!
  • Slow down as soon as you see potential problems ahead to avoid braking as often and by as much. Saves wear on your brakes too!
  • If you’re stationary and expect to be for a while you can switch off the engine – unless you have a fancy car that does that automatically like my BMW1 series!
  • Make sure your company vehicle checks are done regularly to ensure they are  operating at maximum efficiency. Check the condition of your tyres – ensure you measure tyre pressures when they’re cold so you get proper and correct readings.
  • Remove unnecessary weight, including roof racks, car clutter and heavy items in the storage areas such as the boot, unless they are essential for your team’s daily work! The heavier the car, the more fuel you’ll burn obviously.
  • Ensure your company car drivers keep the inside of the front and rear windscreens clean. Not a fuel saver, but if you are in traffic, the fumes can form a film on the glass which attracts moisture and makes them mist up easily.


Do you have any other tips for how drivers can reduce their fuel bills?


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