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Fleet Managers – what apps do your drivers use?

Fleet Managers – what apps do your drivers use?
4th July 2013 Run Your Fleet Blog

Apps for drivers



The best apps for company car drivers


We always enjoy reading The Telegraph’s motoring pages, but this video had us looking forward to new technology that is on its way from Volvo – the app that automatically parks a car.


The best apps for drivers

The Find My Car app is available for both Android and iPhones.

The app will indicate where you have parked your car, how far away you are from your car, and how long you have parked at that location.  With Dropbox syncing a communal car’s location can be shared between a group.  You can also setup automatic parking meter and sweeping notifications.

The AA Car Parking App could make driving around unfamiliar cities, looking for a parking space (with frustration rising!), obsolete

Find the cheapest and most convenient parking in the UK and Ireland using this official AA app.

  • Covers all paid and free car parks in the UK and Ireland

  • Search using your current location or enter an address

  • Directions to the car park entrance

  • Real-time parking spaces (where available)

  • Find opening hours and the cheapest prices

  • Park and Ride locations

  • Great money-saving app

If you are looking for an app giving travel hold-ups and up to date information, have a look at the RAC Traffic app

RAC Traffic takes the most up-to-date traffic data available from all areas of the UK and displays it on an interactive map. Using the location service built into your phone, RAC Traffic will show the nearest traffic problem to you, or by choosing the region you are interested in, the nearest traffic in that region. The comprehensive traffic information is provided not only from the various traffic and road agencies, but also from vehicle data.

Saving money and time for fleets

Companies are developing in-house apps to benefit employees, and employees are using apps to make their working time more efficient.
As a fleet manager, how are you using apps and cloud based systems to make your processes run more efficiently?



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