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Fleet Managers: Review Audi A1 – A Great All-Rounder?

Fleet Managers: Review Audi A1 – A Great All-Rounder?
25th July 2014 Run Your Fleet Blog




The Audi A1 is an increasingly popular choice among fleet managers looking for a high quality yet affordable entry-level business car. The Audi name will keep your drivers and clients happy and impressed while the low running costs and excellent fuel economy will have your finance director smiling too! We’ve put together an Audi A1 review roundup


Daily Telegraph – Review Audi A1, A Pocket Sized Audi 8/10

 The Telegraph took a shine to the Audi A1 and particularly praised its satisfying drive and practicality.

Even the cheaper 1.4 makes a good sound and has enough punch to whisk you along in breezy style. Meanwhile, the more powerful (and more expensive) version makes the A1 feel properly sporty.All A1s have responsive, informative steering, too. Plus they grip well in bends and generally feel much sharper than the average hatchback.

Top Gear – Classy, Comfortable and Luxurious – 6/10

Top Gear was slightly less taken with the car but still gave it an excellent rating of 6/10, noting that it performed well in the city and that the cabin quality was very high

The A1’s cabin is its USP. In a class where overall cost is the main driver of design and finish, Audi is consciously bucking the trend. By offering better-off buyers the chance to have a small car with big-car levels of interior quality, the A1 is distancing itself from the rest of the market. Everything feels genuinely premium in here: switchgear that references the TT and A8 all adds to the appeal.


What Car – A Sure-Fire Hit 8/10

What Car was also a big fan of the car, noting several aspects which will appeal to fleet managers in their Audi A1 review, including its excellent running costs, high reliability and great fuel economy 

This might be the smallest, cheapest Audi, but it’s far from a poor relation. There are squishy plastics in all the right areas, and the more durable stuff is largely out of sight. Efficient engines help towards excellent fuel consumption figures and low CO2 emissions, which keep running costs low.

If all of this sounds appealing then take a look at our Audi A1 business leasing offers. We’re sure the prices will be lower than you expect and when you consider the ease and convenience of our leasing options we’ll sure fleet managers everywhere will agree that leasing an Audi A1 from run your fleet is an excellent value idea.


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